In Sohaco, all employees are directed with one mission of the group and all consider Sohaco as one family, contributed and shared by each and every. Sohaco focuses on professionalism, honesty, awareness of own and group’s shortcomings to improve, specially appreciated are creativity and perfectionism, like motto:

 “Nothing can be the best, can only be better” – that’s why all employees ranging from receptionist, salesmen to senior managers never stop in improving current processes and service quality, ensuring performance tomorrow will be better than today, and today better than yesterday.

 Democracy is another cultural feature of Sohaco – before any decision connected with employees’ work/life is taken, it is always brought up for open discussion before. Sohaco’s management considers every staff’s opinion as a building brick for the foundation and development of the company. This unique feature became unwritten rule that guides every staff’s daily operations.

 Sohaco is an open space for self-development and self-affirmation. In Sohaco every employee at every position has this chance. All can freely promote his/her own strengths, not limited by age, seniority or position. Through many years, many Sohaco’s managers have been promoted from within and some outstanding employees have been promoted to be a member of Board of Directors.

Organizational culture Organizational culture
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