From foundation of the company, Board of Directors already had right vision for development, suitable for every growth stage, which were: exclusive drug distribution, implementing nationwide distribution system, developing production, developing human resource, focusing on quality, following the 3 guidelines: sustainable development, building organizational culture, fulfill social responsibility.

Sohaco’s growth targets by 2020 are:

1. Revenue grows at 25%-30%/year. By 2015 reaches VND 1.500 bln, by 2020 reaches VND 2.500 bln.

2. Contribution to state budget increases 20%/year.

3. Staff salary increases 20%/year.

4. All production and sales operations are managed in line with ISO standard.

5. Build a large-scale and modern pharmaceutical factory in the Hoa Lac High Tech Zone.

6. Further develop cooperation with domestic and foreign companies in terms of investment, production, distribution and research of new products.

7. Build SOHACO Group as a strong brand.

8. Become a number 1 pharmaceutical company in Vietnam.

Strategy Strategy
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