We recruit and train employees carefully, guaranteeing the best service for our customers. Our import-export staff are equipped with thorough knowledge of current international trade regulations as well as entire operational processes of international trade. Service mindset is our top priority when providing Import on Behalf service.

Sohaco commits service at the highest quality fulfilling 3 criteria:   

- Fast

  + Open LC within 1-2 days from the date deposit is received

  + Payment is made for foreign supplier within 1-3 days after customer pays

  + Good receipt within 2 days after goods arrive at harbor in case of bulk deliveries (container) and within 3 days in case of smaller quantities.

- Accurate

  + Working within strict operational procedures

  + Supervising, controlling during the entire period of contract validity

  + Close cooperation with all involved parties

  + Limiting mistakes as much as possible

- Professional

  + Providing full and timely feedback on regular basis

  + Solving all evolving issues fastly and effectively

  + We are always ready with supporting services:

  + Exchange rate support: as frequent customer of many banks Sohaco can purchase foreign currency at the best rate.

  + Warehouse support: with warehouse system of 1.500m2 (GSP WHO standard) we can provide customers with warehouse space at preferential price.

  + Financial support: with strong financial situation we are credited partners of many banks, such as Vietcombank, HSBC, BIDV… Sohaco can provide credit support with good discount interest when needed.

  + Support with price registration at Drug Administration Office.

  + Support with new drug registration and application for quota.

Service quality Service quality
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