Sohaco staff are always respected and paid with salary according to their experience and contribution to the company. Sohaco environment lets employees explore all their potentials. Sohaco’s business success is achieved thanks to employees’ engagement.

Recruitment policy:

Sohaco recruitment process bases on 3 priciples: fairness, equality and publicly. Sohaco prefers candidates wishing to stay long within the company. When signing a labor contract the company commits to comply with the labor law at the highest level.

Benefits policy:

Sohaco pays salary according to the C&B policy which describes precisely the salary system for each position divided into levels, capacity, work quality and efficiency and functional knowledge. Employees are rewarded monthly according to KPI and sales performance – this practice helps linking benefits of the company and employees. Hence, employees are always encouraged to improve their skills and job performance.

Sohaco employs all insurance regulations including: social insurance, medicare, unemployment insurance, unemployment subsidy, periodic health check.

Training policy:

Sohaco always pays attention to training and development to build a high-performing pool of employees. All development programs are tailor made to suit current needs. Sohaco encourages employees to actively seek training opportunities and try to improve skills by self-perfection first. Training methods include: in-house class training or external training (in Vietnam or abroad), on the job training and training from other sources. Every year the company reserves training budget to invest into human resource and well support to achieve business targets.

Other policies

Sohaco allows high-performing employees buy company’s shares with preferential price, hence stimulating staff to work better and make them pay attention to company’s long term profit.

On the other hand, Sohaco always pays attention to employees’ spiritual life with activities such as: poverty subsidy, artistic performance, sport event, birthday celebrations, sickness, wedding greetings etc. Every year the company celebrates Vietnamese Doctors’ Day Feb 27, Women’s Day Mar 8, Children’s Day Jun 1, Vietnamese Family Day Jun 28.

On  top of that, the collective labor agreement has been signed-off by CEO and Labor Union Speaker. The agreement is new step in improving employees’ spiritual life, it again proves Sohaco’s focus on employees satisfaction. This policy is a unique cultural feature of Sohaco.

Sohaco is specially active in charity activities, which also build social responsibility in every employee of the group.

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