Principles of Business

“Always be aware of the symbiotic relationship in business with customers. The success of customers is always considered a top factor in the Company’s business relationship” The orientation of the Board of Directors for Drug Import Entrustment Service is sustainable development, towards in-depth development, further improving service quality, harmonizing the interests of all parties, improving …..

Trust Import Services

In 2009, Sohaco started to implement The Drug Import Entrustment Service after successfully building and verifying the GSP finished product warehouse. Sohaco’s Drug Import Entrustment Service has been professionally implemented since the beginning. We always comply with specific working processes and continuously update and improve the processes to meet the strict requirements of customers. Sohaco …..

Service quality

We recruit and train our staff professionally. Our staff has a solid understanding of import and export. The attentive working attitude is the top requirement and the consciousness of each employee. “Product and service quality are Sohaco’s highest and continuous goals to best satisfy customers’ needs and Sohaco’s sustainable development, and at the same time …..