Sohaco Group’s logo shows the essence of culture and business policy:

 “G” stands for Group, “S” for Sohaco.The two G and S coupled together symbolize solidarity between all subsidiaries, creating a strong group of companies.

Letter “S” is the first letter in Song Nhue, saying the story about the inheritance, it also means Satisfaction and Success (Success can only be achieved with high standard of service and satisfaction for  customers and employees). “S” is also Vietnam’s iconic symbol (shape of the country).

Colors in Sohaco’s logo are blue and orange, standing for the company’s policy:

Blue color: symbolizing friendship with partners and customers, respect for competitors (our philosophy: “Cooperate to grow together”). The blue also means optimism and strong belief in the future.

Orange symbolizes wealth and prosperity – Sohaco always wants partners, customers and employees grow wealthy together with Sohaco.

Slogan’s meaning - “Future firmly”:

In development trends nowadays, hot growth is no longer a target for companies. Sustainability has become a priority instead, both for companies and society. From very early, Sohaco has made firm steps to assure its position in the market.

With its long history, Sohaco is proud to have firm base built by experience in doing business, finance potential and management capability.

With this strong base and precise vision, Sohaco is continuing its 20-years history of glory and is facing the bright future.


Logo and slogan Logo and slogan
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